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Please familiarise yourself with our Terms & Conditions, as they need to be accepted at the time of booking.

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1) Definitions
2) Company Basics
3) Website
4) Bookings
5) Prices
6) Cancellations & Refunds
7) Conditions of Stay
8) Liability

bnb 57 - Terms & Conditions
1. Definitions
  1.1 We aka Company aka Premises = “bnb57”
  1.2 You aka Customers aka Clients = “Clients”
2. Company Basics

bnb 57
57 Park Drive
W3 8ND
[email protected]

  2.2 bnb57 provides privately run bed & breakfast accomodation. Additional services offered include the use of music rooms and instruments, as well as private tuition in music, language and literature related fields. All services can be booked online. bnb57 is affiliated with its sister company Garage 57.
  2.3 We will never share, give or sell personal details to any third party.
  2.4 bnb57 reserves the right to change or amend these Terms & Conditions without prior notice.
3. Website
  3.1 We update our website regularly and aim to provide up-to-date information such as descriptions, photos and prices. We do reserve the right to reasonably change room design and layout, as well as content of services. We cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information provided by or linked to third parties.
  3.2 Our booking engine is a third party software located on a server run by BookingBug Limited. BookingBug have their own set of Terms & Conditions as well as their own Privacy Policy. Both can be displayed within the window of the booking procedure before confirming a booking.

Our booking engine protects bnb57 and Clients from erroneous double bookings or other miscommunication, we therefore insist on online bookings and do not provide a telephone number.

4. Bookings

Clients confirm that they have read and understood these Terms & Conditions, as well as additional information given on each relevant page. We advise Clients to contact bnb57 regarding any queries prior to booking. All bookings are payable in full in advance.

  4.2 Clients select the chosen room(s) on the [book now] page, after which a calendar displays all available days and/or time periods. Upon selection clients must enter their personal details during their first ever booking. After generating a password clients may log in as [Existing members] for any future bookings. A booking is complete once an online payment has been received, upon which a confirmation
email and receipt will be sent.

Clients can abandon the booking process as well as add additional time periods before final confirmation. Additional services and/or the option to make special requests will be displayed before checkout.


Clients can cancel their booking using the link provided in the confirmation email. Bookings cancelled within seven days are not refundable. (see also 6. Cancellations & Refunds)


bnb57 advise clients wishing to book additional services to contact us via email prior to booking. The hourly use of instruments and music rooms can also be booked on-site, other services require selection at the time of the original booking.


Clients may be able to prolong their stay onsite at our discretion. Such on-site bookings also require advance payment in full.


Clients must provide the total number of guests at the time of booking. This number cannot be changed. Additional guests not booked will be turned away. No refund will be given for a lesser number of booked guests arriving, unless bnb57 have been notified at least 7 days prior to arrival.

  4.8 Clients must provide personal details of all staying guests at least 7 days prior to arrival, if the cardholder is not a staying guest himself/herself. bnb57 cannot accept unaccompanied minors as staying guests unless their legal guardian(s) provide written permission.
5. Prices
  5.1 All rates are being displayed at the time of booking and include VAT and other relevant local taxes. We accept most major credits cards.

Rates are per room per person (regardless of age) per night and include a continental breakfast. An additional charge for single occupancy in double rooms will apply.

  5.3 Rates for additional services include the use of relevant facilities and/or the reasonable provision of tuition-related material.
  5.4 Rates during peak periods may differ from other times. Such changes will always be visible at the time of booking.
  5.5 Advance payments for the usage of music facilities and/or lessons including homestay are to be utilised during the stay. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the duration of stay is at least equal to or exceeds the amount of hours purchased.
bnb57 will allocate a sufficient number of available time slots to the Client. Clients are expected to be reasonably flexible making use of such time slots. bnb57 cannot be held responsible for Clients not using the allocated time. Unused time slots can neither be transferred to another stay, nor result in a refund regarding unused time.
6. Cancellations & Refunds
  6.1 Clients may cancel bookings and services by clicking on the relevant link in their confirmation email or by contacting us directly. The full amount or a percentage of the original charge will be refunded promptly depending on the cancellation period:
21 days or more 100%
14-20 days 75%
7-13 days 50%
2-6 days 25%
0-2 days 0%

bnb57 reserves the right to seek alternative Clients to cover a period previously cancelled. bnb57 reserves the right to cancel bookings. Clients will be notified of such cancellations at the earliest opportunity. Clients will be given the option to accept an alternative booking or being refunded in full. Reasons for such
cancellations may include but are not limited to damage or theft, staff illness, booking errors and/or Acts of God.

7. Conditions of Stay
  7.1 Check-in time is 1pm onwards, check-out time is 10am unless specified differently in the Booking Confirmation.

A continental self-serve breakfast will be provided between 7am and 10am.Additional meals and mealtimes can be arranged depending on services booked.

  7.3 House door keys can be provided to guests staying 3 days or more for a returnable cash deposit of £50 per set. Access to bnb57 during the hours of 11am and 5pm is by prearrangement only.
  7.4 The proprietors of bnb57 reserve the right to play, perform and record music and/or hire out related music facilities to third parties from 9am and 10pm.
  7.5 We offer free off-street parking for two cars. The car park layout may cause one vehicle to block another, we therefore advise our guests to communicate with each other and/or provide us with the car key.
8. Liability
  8.1 We expect courteous and professional behaviour from ourselves as well as from all our guests. bnb57 reserve the right to terminate a booking with immediate effect, should you engage in unacceptable behaviour, which causes a disturbance or nuisance towards us and/or other guests.
  8.2 bnb57 reserve the right to bar and/or prosecute Clients, who deliberately misuse or are negligent towards bnb57‘s premises and possession placed therein will be liable for repair and/or replacement costs. Clients, who wilfully remove bnb57’s equipment and/or staff’s personal belongings will be barred for life and will be prosecuted. Clients, who act in a threatening manner towards staff and/or other people on bnb57’s premises will be barred for life and may be prosecuted.
  8.3 Clients are to provide bnb57 with detailed information as to who is on the premises including all visitors. Equally it is the Clients’ responsibility to familiarise themselves with the layout of the premises including all exits. The fire exit door in the garage is not to be opened under any circumstances unless there is a true emergency.
  8.4 bnb57’s premises and equipment are regularly checked for safety and operational integrity. However Clients agree to use bnb57’s equipment and premises at their own risk. This is includes own equipment and/or personal belongings brought onto the premises. Under no circumstances shall bnb57 be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any defect or failure of any equipment or facilities whether or not bnb57 had any prior knowledge.

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